Stone Polishing

Want to regain that same old luster and gloss of your stone floor that you first had? If you do, stone polishing can be a great means of achieving that! Polishing not only reinvigorates the stone by removing scratches and etches but it also adds shine to your stone floors by rendering them a glossy finish and a supreme texture!

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If you are someone who wants to enjoy the same aesthetic gloss finish of your stone floor over the years, polishing your floors should be a time to time activity because crystals in a polished floor surface eventually become dull after normal use. Also, during the time of attrition, due to bad floor maintenance or the surface wear, shine is lost and the reflected sunlight on the marble surface darkens. Polishing removes all the surface stains, scratches and other darkening factors and restores the lost shine, thereby, making the floor more reflective to light, glossier!

Within its very essence, polishing is a multi-leveled, staged treatment process done with low-abrasive tools with an aim to achieve maximum smoothness of surface.

At Stone Surgeons, we use a combination of diamond abrasive and powder abrasive to hone the stone and make it reflective. The process is relatively simple compared to the more heavy duty grinding processes; however, a lot of skill is required to carry out the job perfectly. It is, therefore, better to rely on professionals; if done wrong, it can damage your entire flooring.

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