Stone Maintenance

We spend a lot to get that dream look of our interiors by using different stones. But like any other thing, stones also need regular maintenance so that they can retain their color, luster, gloss and beauty. Not performing time to time maintenance will cause your stones to become dull, scratched & lifeless. The more time you spend without maintaining them, the more you will have to end up spending in order to restore their natural beauty.

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However, it can be tricky to ensure which maintenance methods to adopt. There are many different kinds of stones out there and they all have different types of chemical composition, so while one product may clean a certain type of stone, that same product may dissolve some other stones as well! Therefore, it’s advisable to only trust the professionals when it comes to managing your stones.

Natural Stones, especially calcite based stones such as Marble, Travertine, Onyx, and Limestone, have a delicate chemical composition. Thereby, if you mistakenly use cleaners that are not suited for natural stones, they will interfere with the chemical bond and make them unattractive to look at. You should also be aware of the fact that Calcite based stones are extremely reactive to any kind of acidic presence, thus, if your cleaning agent has any kind of acidic presence you need to avoid it while tending to such material.

At stone surgeons, we pay special attention to details and make sure that your stones are maintained in pristine condition while you can just sit back and relax. Our engineers have years of experience in stone maintenance and this reflects in our work.

If you would like to enter into an annual maintenance contract with us or would like to discuss the details, make us a call today!